Genomics Zone Report – March 2017

The Genomics Zone was a themed zone funded by Genentech and Human Longevity, Inc.

The zone featured scientists working on a range of genomics related topics from genetic diseases in children to cancer. The zone had 329 participating students from 13 schools. Class sizes ranged from 5 to over 30 students across grades 4 to 11. Most of the classes had two live chats with the scientists with more live chats taking place in the first week than the second.

Genomics zone reportThere were more questions submitted in the genomics zone than average during events and there was also more activity in live chats. The live chats were well attended, with the students from one school, Wyoming Virtual Academy, all logging on from their individual homeschool locations. All the scientists were very engaged and quick to reply to the students’ questions with very detailed answers. They were very willing to interact, creating a dialogue of answers in response to ASK questions, corroborating answers, and supporting each other.

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