• Question: How will your work affect the world?

    Asked by Angelina, Marcelino to Sharon, Sahra, Matthew, Jenn, Candace on 12 Mar 2017.
    • Photo: Xueyuan Jiang

      Xueyuan Jiang answered on 12 Mar 2017:

      I study evolutionary genomics, and my work can help people have a better understanding of how new gene functions emerge : )

    • Photo: Matthew Bainbridge

      Matthew Bainbridge answered on 13 Mar 2017:

      I hope it would have far researching effects around the world for all kids. All countries have genetic diseases. Fewer countries have the means of diagnosing those diseases. My work is helping lay a foundation for countries to better diagnosing sick kids and hopefully come up with specific treatments for those kids.

    • Photo: Jennifer Hintzsche

      Jennifer Hintzsche answered on 14 Mar 2017:

      I hope to find ways to treat people with Melanoma- the deadliest type of skin cancer. If we can find this we can stop people from dying of this type of cancer .

    • Photo: Candace Lewis

      Candace Lewis answered on 14 Mar 2017:

      I hope my work improves lives and reduces suffering from disorders like depression.